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Pure Herb, a progressive company was incorporated in 1993 with the noble intention of penetrating the vast global markets with its Malaysian grown organic product, the Pure Herb Misai Kuching Organic Herbal Tea.

Founder of PURE HERB - Mr. Freddy Tan
It all began five years ago when Mr. Freddy Tan, the founder of Pure Herb developed diabetes immediately after a surgery for the cancer of the larynx. A friend of his then introduced a particular type of tea named Misai Kuching that purportedly had healing effects in the treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and other ailments.

Initially, Mr. Freddy Tan was a skeptic of the plant he heard little about. He remained unconvinced of his friend’s recommendation until it reached to a stage where his illness took for the worse and hopes were slowly fading away. With nothing to lose and as a last resort, he decided to give Misai Kuching a try. Amazingly, within a fortnight’s time of drinking the tea and a change in his eating habits, his doctor found a drop in Mr. Freddy Tan’s blood sugar levels and has since managed to recover his usual appetite.

The discovery marked a sudden change in Mr. Freddy Tan’s viewpoint of the Misai Kuching tea plant. This spurred him to embark on a series of research and tests on the plant. When some of his friends gave him favorable feedback as a result of their consumption of Misai Kuching tea-leaves, this strengthened Mr. Freddy Tan’s convictions that he should share the benefits of the tea with everyone. Mr. Freddy Tan did not claim that the tea can cure diabetes but the message he tries to deliver is that, from his personal experience, Misai Kuching does clean our body of toxins and help stabilise a diabetic's sugar levels.

As the next step, Mr. Freddy Tan started to grow the Misai Kuching tea plants on his farm which also doubles as his residence in Slim River, Perak and consistently sent batches of the plants for tests at laboratory to ensure it was chemical free. A year and 12 tests later, the farm’s Misai Kuching was finally certified by the relevant authorities to be organically grown. Though Misai Kuching is a diuretic, it does not dehydrate the body of one who drinks it.

Today, Misai Kuching is marketed under the brand Pure Herb Organic Herbal Tea.

Our Mission Statement
The traditional way to good health.

Business Opportunities
We seek to expand our customer base and the reach of our restaurant? Are you a distributor, sales personnel or simply an enterprising person who is currently looking to distribute a product, Pure Herb Organic Herbal Tea.

We are interested in promoting our product, be it to large or small clientele. Pure Herb Organic Herbal Tea is available in Family Pack, it consists of 40 sachets of tea weighing approximately 3.0g each. Larger quantities are also available upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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